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S.N. Tender Ref. No. Name of Work NIT Corrigendum Tender Ref. Link
1 Cancellation of Quotation dated 16.06.2021 Cancellation of Notice For Hiring vehicle Cancellation_of_Previous_Quotation.pdf Read More
2 1024 dated 01.07.2021 Short Quotation for Hiring vehicle Fresh_Quotation.pdf Read More
3 JSBCCL 889 Short notice for hiring vehicle Notice_for_Hiring_vehicle.pdf Read More
4 JSBCCL/47/2019-20 Renovation and Development of Arts Block, Auditorium, Administrative Building, Main Building and Girls Section New Building for Marwari College Campus at Ranchi NIT-47.pdf Read More
5 JSBCCL/46/2019-20 Proposed Construction of Science Block for Markham College of Commerce at Hazaribagh NIT-46.pdf Read More
6 JSBCCL/45/2019-20 Construction of Base Kitchen and Distribution Center under Mukhyamantri Canteen Scheme in Ranchi District NIT-45.pdf Read More